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"Love for people and the beauty of nature
is all we what need to let lives sparkle"

- Enamora - 

Every morning when you wake up a new day is born.

A new day to express yourself and a new day to be a beautiful version of yourself.

What that beauty means is what you decide that day. How you feel and what you want to express.

Finding pieces that truly define you and speaking your language is not easy to find.

Jewelry and accessories speak for you if they have a soul. They express who you are.

If they are made by hand, using mother earth’s precious seeds, they have their own story to tell.

They give you an exotic and unique look, so that you can truly be you.

Enamora brings exotic handmade (Kichwa) jewelry and accessories from Ecuador.

We work together with talented and creative artisans.

Most of our jewelry is made in indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest.

Their soul and your voice meeting each other in our exotic jewelry pieces.

All our products (we love to call them treasures ;)) are handmade with natural materials.

All seeds and nuts used are coming from the Amazon rainforest.

They are handpicked and drilled to make them ready for our treasures.

We believe that everyone in this world deserve a life where you can define who you are and how that you want to live. Expressing yourself with making jewelry or wearing jewelry is a beautiful way of being you and expressing yourself.

There is so many talent, creativity, and beauty on this planet that deserved to be seen.

We try to bring a part of that closer to you, so that we can learn and grow together and make the world more sustainable and beautiful.

Enamora means ‘fall in love’ in Spanish.

That is how we want you to feel about yourself every day and how we started and want to keep working.

Every piece is unique, just like you.

That is how we can keep falling in love every time ;)

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