Beautiful memories

Beautiful memories

During our visits to the artisans in Ecuador we have had many amazing and beautiful moments and experiences. When we visited Ecuador for the first time, we had no idea that we would establish Enamora 5 years later. There is one moment in particular that we will never forget. Without this moment we might not be here today. As you know personality is the most important factor within our concept. We would like to share some of our unforgettable moments with you:

During our first visit to Ecuador in 2009, we have met such amazing and beautiful people. Because we are born and raised in the Netherlands, our Spanish knowledge wasn’t one of our best skills. Besides ‘hola’, ‘como estas’ and ‘chao’, there was not much left for a conversation.


Our conversation skills didn’t seem to be an obstacle for the families. With the few words of Spanish we spoke we knew that we were more than welcome. As you may have experienced yourself, everyone seems to speak the language of ‘hand and feet’. We directly felt at home and extra gymnastics never hurts…


As you may know, Ecuador deals a lot with teenage mothers. The average age of a woman to give birth to her first baby is around 17, which also means that boys start looking for a partner at a very young age. After I spent a few days in the community I, totally unexpected, received my first wedding proposal from a 15 year old boy.


During a trip to the nearby waterfall this boy wrote ‘te amo’ on a rock, which means I love you. It was very romantic but not something I was looking for. That I didn’t share his feelings was not a problem for building a relationship with his family.


This guy was very brave. You really need to have some courage to propose to a complete stranger who doesn’t speak your language. With his proposal, he planted a seed that grew to a great relationship. Until today we are very thankful for his braveness. Without his proposal Enamora might not have been here today. He gave us the inspiration and motivation to learn Spanish and start practicing our conversation skills. He took the initiative to stay in touch with us.


During our last visit to Ecuador we received a special invitation for a maternity visit. This guy is a proud dad of a beautiful daughter. Currently he and his girlfriend are living together and work very hard to give their daughter a great future.


Every moment in the past can be a sparkle in your future! 


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