Our first milestones!

Our first milestones!

We are very proud to announce that we have reached our first milestones! We have worked very hard and these first steps have given us extra motivation to continue improving the lives of others.

With the sales of eco-chic jewelry we were able to create ‘Inspirations by Enamora’. Inspirations by Enamora is a book created with love for the artisans. This book gives special attention to all artisans and the beautiful pieces of handwork they have created. It also gives information about the culture and environment in which the artisan live. They deserve special attention for the eco-chic treasures they have made. Please take a look at the picture below for a impression of the book.

 The last few months we have had the possibility to design and print customized tags for the artisans. We have designed special tags on recycled paper that helps them to improve the marketing and administration needs of the community in which the artisans live.

 Due to increasing (foreign) tourism in their regions, it is essential to learn more about doing business and the uniqueness of their culture. Living in the jungle becomes more and more difficult. Many indigenous populations are forced to leave their environment and start a new life somewhere else. It is important to sustain their culture and help improving their situation step by step.

 Understanding their needs is the key to help them moving forward. We try to build a social economic environment based on their needs and creativity. Starting with small tags is not the solution to their situation but helps them to build awareness. Every piece of jewelry is a part of their life and culture. Many people like to buy (fair trade) products that add value to the social and economic circumstances of the places where the products are produced. These tags helps to improve the local sales and make customers aware of the situation of the artisans and the importance of sustaining their culture. Spreading the word is one of the first steps.

 In the upcoming months Enamora will travel to Ecuador again. During our trips we will be learning more about their culture and their needs for improvement. Step by step we are working together for a sustainable way of living.

We hope that you enjoy reading our blog post and would like to thank you for helping us moving forward! Without your help it was impossible for us to reach these milestones. We really appreciate your help and effort to let the lives of others sparkle!

Soon we will have more announcements to make. 



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